Functions of Dipeptides with Through Example

Functions of Dipeptides with Through Example

Dipeptides are the organic molecules which are of great significance in the medicinal area. These are the dimer molecules which are formed by the monomers. Amino acids act like monomers here. These amino acids have two functional groups, one functional group is carboxylic acid and other functional group is amine. When carboxylic group of one amino acid react with the amine group of the second amino acid then peptide is formed. Thus long chain of the amino acids is formed in this way; this gives rise to the protein. These dipeptides are formed by two amino acids. There are so many applications of the amino acids in chemical as well as in biological field.

Process of formation of the peptide bond accompanies with the dehydration of the water molecule. Amide bond is the peptide bond which responsible for many of the functions of peptides. Dipeptide is very simple molecule. It is very important o know about the preparation of the dipeptide bonds as it will give the idea of the utilization of this product. In medical and in chemical sciences there is more use of it as enough derivatives can be prepared by this amazing product. It is very easy to prepare and is cost effective also. Let us have a look upon the example of the dipeptide. Dipeptides are formed by two amino acids and these are naturally occurring compounds also.

Histidine is the potent example of the dipeptide which is very useful to combat with many disorders. Mainly metabolic syndromes are treated with these products. Histidine is dipeptide which controls many of the body functions. Hormones are responsible to regulate many functions of the body. These hormones bring about the growth of the somatic cells. Derivatives of the dipeptides are used to form the diuretic drugs which lower down the blood pressure.

Frequent urination occurs due to this drug in which excess sodium can have passed out. Dipeptides are also used in the food industries as preservatives and as the fermentation product these are used as the flavouring agent in the food industry. These are some example of dipeptide which is used in the chemical as well as in biological field.  These drugs are cost effective, cheap and bear very less side effects. Thus these have great demand in the field of medicine and drug designing. In future more derivatives of the dipeptides can be evolved to give the best results in clinical area.

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