BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) a new advancement to the medical procedure for curing many diseases

medical procedure for curing many diseases

The science has seen so many advancements where another such medical procedure performed on people suffering from certain diseases or cancer is the bone marrow transplant (BMT). This generally involves- taking out of cells that can be found in the stem cells i.e. the bone marrow where these cells are filtered and given back to either some other patient or to the donor himself. The main purpose of BMT (bone marrow transplant) is to successfully transfer the healthy bone marrow cells into a patient where their unhealthy bone marrow (stem cells) has been treated for destroying the abnormal cells so moving in the body.

As compared to the western countries the cost of bone marrow transplant is affordable in India where the best bone marrow transplant India is performed. People from the world come to India to get their transplant done due to such immense benefits associated with it.

Patients that need a bone marrow transplant

When the bone marrow of a person is not healthy enough to function properly- the transplant is done. There can be many reasons of getting the transplant like chronic infections, diseases like cancer etc. Other genuine reasons for the transplant are-

  • leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma
  • damaged bone marrow due to chemotherapy
  • where the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin, an integral part of red blood cells i.e. thalassemia.
  • Anemic disorders where it causes misshapen to the red blood cells.
  • Neutropenia which causes recurring infections and so on.

Situation after the bone marrow transplant- The success of a (BMT) bone marrow transplant is entirely dependent on how closely the donor and recipient genetically match. Finding a good ideal match among unrelated donors may sometimes be very difficult.

The patient getting the BMT recovers back to normal in about three months. But this recovery may take approximately a year to get fully recovered and healthy. The recovery actually depends upon certain important factors like- the match of bone marrow with the donor, chemotherapy, the condition being so treated, radiation and even where the transplant is performed.

Usually for a short period due to radiation and treatment the patient might face the risk of having nausea, mouth ulcers, bleeding, loss of appetite, etc which fades away by the time and the recovery process.

In maximum all the transplant centers throughout the country very supportive care is offered after the transplant in order to prevent the complications, infections and side effects to the body. The best hospitals provide a clean environment, with the facility of frequent blood tests, and daily weigh-ins, with some strict measurement of fluid input to the body and even the output monitoring of vital signs for a healthy recovery of the patient.

Thus, people those who are willing to save the life of others so suffering from BMT problems can come forward and donate their bone marrow.

Sometimes it is seen that the symptoms which persist throughout the transplant persists for a lifetime but does not cause any major damage to the normal functioning of the human body.


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